The Nardella Clinic

Dr. Marc Ross

Dr. Marc RossDr. Marc Ross (PhD. Ed.) is a Registered Psychologist who, in addition to his work with Integral Therapy at the Nardella Clinic in Calgary, is a mental health practitioner with the Rick Hansen Foundation, Easter Seals and the University of Calgary. Marc specializes in the areas of evolutionary psychology, integral studies, and mind-body medicine, having worked extensively with biofeedback in his practice. Marc also has had valuable experience in research, teaching, and writing.

Marc broke his neck at the age of 17 and has lived with a severe disability (quadriplegia) since that time. His professional training along with his personal experience have made him an invaluable psychologist. He has spoken to thousands of students across Southern Alberta on topics related to risk management, resiliency, and health and wellness. Marc’s personal ordeals combined with his experience working with those struggling with issues of grief, loss and transition have given Marc a unique and empathetic counseling approach. He integrates mindfulness, biofeedback, hypnosis, art, bodywork, writing, and other modalities that will support clients in working through their challenges, including anxiety, stress, relationships, chronic pain, meaning and purpose, and navigating important life decisions.

Marc has a compassionate way of relating to people because of his years of experience working with students, teachers, and families who face stress, conflict and other hardships. Clients appreciate Marc’s ability to model life skills and his integral way of doing therapy. Marc offers a deeply gentle and caring presence; his patience, cleverness and listening abilities provide a level of safety and trust that greatly facilitates the counseling process. His refreshing sense of humour is also greatly appreciated by both his clients and by his fellow associates.

Patients interested in pursing psychological services may book consultations with Dr. Marc Ross at the Naturopathic Calgary Nardella Clinic. Visit www.integraltherapy.org to explore his services.