The Nardella Clinic

Megan Starke, Medical Esthetician

Meghan-Starke-Medical-Esthetician-Calgary-AB-1Megan is confident and enthusiastic about making people look and feel their best! She has made skin care, fitness, and overall wellness her primary focus for many years, working for the Naturopathic Calgary Nardella Clinic since 2008. She has an extensive background in anatomy and physiology, is certified as a personal fitness trainer and lifestyle consultant. Megan has used this knowledge to develop a philosophy that proper skin care is a significant component of overall mind, body, and wellness, because healthy skin enhances self esteem. She believes in the synergistic benefits of looking and feeling one’s best and its significant contribution to the client’s overall wellness.

With a professional, friendly approach and confidential services, Megan combines medical knowledge with a holistic view regarding the role diet and nutrition play in skin health. Megan collaborates with the Nardella Clinic’s professional team to determine the best possible approach for each individual’s unique skin type or condition.

Professional Experience

Megan’s personal experience and expertise has been demonstrated in helping patients with the following conditions:

  • All grades of Acne
  • Teen Acne
  • Eczema
  • Photo-aged skin; discoloration and skin laxity
  • Psoriasis
  • Overall skin health and personalized home-care regime

Megan is an energetic team member, who is committed to providing the highest levels of care and service in medical aesthetics. She has completed the Advanced Clinical Skincare Program, regularly networks with industry professionals, and is engaged in furthering her education to meet the high demands of the industry to ensure her clients are getting the latest in products, services, and knowledge.

(403) 282-4488