The Nardella Clinic


Dr. Nardella is unique in combining true compassion with a determined and intelligent approach to resolving complex health issues. Like many in my position, I had given up all hope. If I hadn’t by chance over heard a conversation mentioning her name and taking the initiative to see, I would have regretted it the rest of my life.

– Anonymus

Dr. Haggarty was able to provide reasonable treatments when no doctor, specialist, naturopath, or Chinese herbalist could. Other health professionals didn’t truly listen and understand symptoms and were not familiar with bacteria often referred to as Lyme co-infections like she was. The one herbalist that had relevant knowledge and offered treatment wanted 7-8 years to resolve symptoms but Dr. Haggarty has helped us immensely in just 3 months. Her hours have been more accommodating for a patient working weekdays 9-5 than any other professional we have found. Our family is so happy we found Dr. Haggarty 🙂


I have been unable to use my arm for 30+ yrs and thanks to treatment at the Nardella Clinic, I am slowly regaining circulation in my shoulder and my arm is no longer freezing. Hopefully the potential for gangrene to set in has diminished. Dr. Jen Nardella is a miracle worker in my book! I am SO pleased with the nerve therapy, acupuncture and supplements they are using to treat me.

What modern medicine has told me is impossible, they are proving to be possible. I’m NOT giving up and they wont either! Whereas I had almost written off regaining any use of my arm, I now feel hopeful that I will get more use of the arm, if not full use of it back! Thank you SO much!!!

I urge you to at least consult with them if modern medical treatments and hi tech testing has failed you as it did me. NOTHING is impossible! I wish I had looked outside modern medical treatments long ago! Time is of the essence! Don’t give up, just try a different approach: what have you got to lose? You’ll never know unless you try!

– AT

I have been seeing Dr. Haggarty for the past 3 years and she has helped me immensely with a condition that several other doctors were unable to treat. My concerns have always been addressed in a prompt and effective manner. I have brought both of my children in to see her as well and we are consistently impressed by both her wealth of knowledge and the quality of care we have received. The office staff have been great, and very helpful with bookings and any questions I have had. I would definitely recommend Dr. Haggarty and the Nardella clinic.

– Anonymous 

The Nardella clinic is a first rate clinic that offers many services that no other clinic in Calgary has. Dr. Nardella is extremely knowledgeable and works with her patients to find solutions for hard to treat problems that others can’t address, especially chronic problems. She will go above and beyond to help patients get back to optimum health.

Personally I went for ozone therapy and have found the benefits to be numerous and was surprised at all of the additional services offered at the Nardella Clinic. The other staff members have been great and very helpful.

– PP

I have been a patient at the Nardella clinic for over 2 years and have always had amazing experiences. All the staff is very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. I saw Dr. Haggarty who is fantastic and was able to diagnose me correctly but also gave me options for treatment that I have been very comfortable with. The clinic has all the latest equipment and technology and overall I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Calgary area.

– CM

For the past 10 years I have had chronic pain in my stomach and back. After countless trips to medical doctors, specialists, endless tests that provided no diagnosis or results. I turned to the Nardella Clinic for an alternative solution. The clinic has been nothing but amazing, the staff are very friendly and welcoming. My ND worked closely with me to target the cause of my pain and focused my treatments to my specific needs even as they progressed. I would highly recommend the Nardella clinic.

– RN

The best medical advice and service I have ever received. Fantastic clinic!

– BE

Dr. Haggarty has helped our family so much! She is truly Calgary’s best option for helping with autism.

– Anonymous