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Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Therapy Promotes Better Outcomes

A diagnosis of cancer is intimidating. We often think of the worst case scenario. Perhaps, stories of a friend or relative that had many side effects from conventional treatment.  We have many patients come into the Nardella Clinic in Calgary to understand what a naturopathic integrative cancer therapy approach involves.  Some patients may follow through […]


Cancer Recurrences

Once a cancer is in remission, we breathe a sigh of relief.  Patients are able to move on with their lives and try to put the diagnosis and treatments behind them.  As a Naturopath practicing integrative cancer therapy, I often get the question “how do I prevent a recurrence?” Within a tumor there are courier […]


Copper Reduction to Decrease Risk of Cancer Metastasis

Naturopathic integrative cancer therapy utilizes macro and micro nutrients in the fight against cancer. Copper is an essential trace element needed for many human biological processes. It has been shown that there are high copper levels in cancer tissue, and that it plays a role in inflammation and tumor growth.  Cancer growth relies on the […]


The Use of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex in Naturopathic Medicine

PolyMVA or lipoic acid mineral complex (LAMC) is a combination of lipoic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. PolyMVA is designed to facilitate optimal mitochondrial function, protect DNA and aid in energy production. Using LAMC in naturopathic clinical practice typically involves an intravenous administration for many types of cancer and chronic degenerative diseases. Benefits of PolyMVA […]


HBOT and Cancer

Hyperbaric medicine was originally used in oncology to treat radiation injury. Originally there was concern that oxygen would promote tumor growth, however this was disproven. Feldmeier et al were the first to address that tumours respond differently to oxygen than healthy cells do, and there is no concern that oxygen can promote tumour growth. Hyperbaric […]