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Safety is Not an Accident

Would you play Russian roulette? What if the odds improved to 1-in-100? Sound good now? Safety is measured in the likelihood of a negative outcome. When high-risk events are possible, no stone should be left unturned to decrease its chances of happening. No one would get on an airplane unless the odds of a crash […]


Revanesse: Skin Rejuvination for All Skin Types

Does your skin need hydration during these cold Winter months? The secret to a hydrating, wrinkle fighting skin solution: hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring lubricating fluid found in the skin, joints, eyes, and connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid acts to lock in moisture that keeps skin plump, hydrated, and healthy. With age, your body reduces […]


Intravenous Vitamins for Energy and Mood

Two of the most common reasons patients visit a naturopathic doctor like Dr. Meghan Haggarty and Dr. Jennifer Nardella is for low energy and mood problems, such as anxiety or depression. One therapy our Naturopathic Doctors in Calgary find to be very helpful, and may recommend for these concerns is intravenous vitamin infusions. Intravenous therapies are […]


Histamine: A Hidden Source of Food Intolerances and Chronic Inflammation

Many people are familiar with histamine through the medications that block it, commonly called anti-histamines. These medications are frequently used to treat environmental allergies, or when a person has been exposed to a food allergen. Antihistamines help to decrease common allergic symptoms such as: Itchy eyes Sinus congestion Runny nose Hives Sneezing Rashes and itchy […]


Colonic Hydrotherapy to Support Detoxification

With the month of January upon us again, post-holiday cleanses/detoxes are a great way to start the New Year. Our naturopaths recommend colonic hydrotherapy to help improve and increase the detoxification process. In addition to aiding detoxification, colonics help to promote healthy bowel function, improve digestive health, and address chronic digestive disorders. Colonic treatments are […]


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