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Product Spotlight: Researched Nutritionals

Comparatively, Canadians are at a disadvantage when it comes to choice of nutritional supplements. This is due to two factors: increased regulation of nutritional supplements and the size of the consumer market. The regulations that frustrate high-quality US-based manufacturers have little to do with product quality, and mostly with the registration of individual supplements with […]


What Supplements Should I Take Daily?

Daily supplements help to provide us with important nutrients that our body requires to function optimally. Our naturopathic doctors work with patients to Create Healthier Lives and supplements are one tool they use to help achieve that goal. So what supplements should you take daily to achieve optimal health? Multivitamin A quality multivitamin provides biologically […]


HBOT and Brain Injury

Eden Carlson and her family attended this years meeting to share their story of how hyperbaric medicine impacted their lives. Eden was 2 years old when she drowned in their swimming pool and sustained a serious brain injury. After two hours of CPR the long-term outlook for Eden was very poor and her parents were […]


HBOT and Cancer

Hyperbaric medicine was originally used in oncology to treat radiation injury. Originally there was concern that oxygen would promote tumor growth, however this was disproven. Feldmeier et al were the first to address that tumours respond differently to oxygen than healthy cells do, and there is no concern that oxygen can promote tumour growth. Hyperbaric […]


Ehrlichia and Anaplasma

Ehrlichia and Anaplasma are tick-born coinfections. These are similar types of organisms that can cause symptoms that range from mild to life threatening. Like other coinfections, these infections can be transmitted from ticks to humans from a tick bite. A patient can contract this infection without contracting the bacteria B. burgdorferi that causes Lyme disease. […]


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