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HBOT and Cerebral Palsy

The brain is magnificent in its complexity. We barely understand what it does, let alone how it does it, so it is difficult to treat injuries, diseases, and conditions that revolve around that great mass of electro-chemical action in our heads. It is not just hard from a medical standpoint; the emotional toll can be […]


Parasites – A common invader

Whether we like to think about it or not, we are surrounded by bacteria and other bugs. We pick up our first dose of good bacteria on our way through the birth canal, and from that point forward there is a battle for balance happening in our intestines. A lot of critters help us out. […]


Digestive Health – Are you overlooking this?

We cannot live without our brain, our blood, our heart, our liver, our kidneys, or our lungs. Can you name anything else? How about our digestive system? Our digestive system is one of the most neglected major systems in our bodies, which is a shame when one considers that it is responsible for almost everything […]


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