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Chiropractic and Quality of Life

Pain may be what brings draws most patients to a chiropractor the first time. Results are what makes patients continue chiropractic care. We all have busy lives working, living, and playing.  Sometimes we have a discomfort that we ignore until it interferes with our ability to perform or play. It is then that we realize (sometimes […]


How Toxic Are You?

We are all aware that our world is becoming a more toxic place by the day. But how do these toxins affect us? How toxic are we exactly? Each and everyday we are exposed to chemicals that may be harmful to our bodies. These toxins are found in our cleaning products, cosmetics, shampoos, clothing, kitchenware […]


Testing identifies the real cause of illness and patient gets their health back on track

A female in her 50s came to the clinic with a history of chronic viral infections. She had undergone numerous naturopathic treatments in the past including colonics, IV vitamins, and diet therapy. Although she did benefit from some of the treatments she felt like she had never got to the underlying cause. When her lab testing […]


We have our little girl back

A mother brought her 5 year old girl into the clinic because the child was experiencing extreme sensitivity to clothing and texture. At 2.5 years old she was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. She was also having approximately 5 tantrums per day and recently began having night terrors. Her behavior was getting worse as time […]


Diving accident case study

A 37 year old female came to the Nardella Clinic with the chief complaint of a severe headache and decreased sensation in her right arm and thigh following repetitive dives in Bahamas, when she experienced an unexpected ascent to the surface due to a fault in her gear in the last dive. Immediately after the […]


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