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Cardiovascular Care Using Intravenous Therapies

A man in his 60s came to the clinic with a history of arterial blockage and previous heart attack. He had been treated using chelation therapy 5 years ago, just after the heart attack, with chelation therapy and benefited at the time. The man was a non-smoker, who exercised daily but was noticing significant shortness […]


Naturopathic Therapies for Treating Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is known as “the cancer that whispers” because symptoms are often ignored or believed to be a part of another disease process. Out of all of the gynecological cancers, ovarian cancer has the highest rate of mortality. 70% of ovarian cancers are diagnosed at stages III and IV. These women are commonly younger […]


Nardella Clinic launched new patient-focused website!

The Nardella Clinic is the leading provider of naturopathic healthcare in Calgary, AB. Drs. Jennifer Nardella and Meghan Haggarty are dedicated to providing our patients throughout Alberta and the surrounding areas with the best healthcare treatments available. Our team is expert at diagnosing and treating many conditions from complex chronic disease, pediatric special needs, digestive health issues, allergies, […]


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