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Comprehensive Cholesterol and Cardiac Testing

Cardiovascular health is important in both women and men. Cardiovascular disease accounts for approximately 40% of overall deaths, and in women results in more death than breast cancer. Cholesterol is one of the first blood tests that comes to mind when thinking of cardiovascular risk. However, basic lipid testing alone does not give an accurate […]


Testing identifies the real cause of illness and patient gets their health back on track

A female in her 50s came to the clinic with a history of chronic viral infections. She had undergone numerous naturopathic treatments in the past including colonics, IV vitamins, and diet therapy. Although she did benefit from some of the treatments she felt like she had never got to the underlying cause. When her lab testing […]


The Benefits of IgG Allergy Testing

A 42-year old female came to the clinic complaining of swelling and severe water retention. She had cycles of losing and gaining 5 pounds in water weight. Cardiac problems had been ruled out prior to her coming to the clinic. Recently, she noticed hives for the first time. Fatigue was becoming an increasing problem and […]


Gastrointestinal Testing

A female in her fifties came to see one of our naturopathic doctors complaining of a history of severe bloating and gas. Recently, she was also experiencing constipation. The patient’s diet was high in simple carbohydrates and lacking in protein and vegetables. She experienced mood swings, excessive fatigue in the evenings and gradual weight gain. […]


Conventional Lab Testing

A female in her twenties made an appointment to see our naturopathic doctors concerned about always feeling fatigued and having difficulty dealing with stress. She is a full time university student with a part-time job and a busy schedule. She had not had any blood work done in over 10 years. Routine tests were suggested […]


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